18th December 2019
By Pro Travel Advisors

What are the top 5 city destinations by Instagram Hashtag?

We love a holiday, holiday pics and a hashtag! So it’s no wonder then that more and more travel memories are being shared online, but on the basis of destinations being tagged in Instagram, where are the most popular destinations for the connected traveller?

In 5th place, it’s Dubai with 79 million hashtags, over a quarter of them also including hashtags relating to food!

No 5 #Dubai

In 4th place, it’s the Big Apple! New York scores an impressive 83 million hashtags.

No 4 #NewYork

In 3rd comes Nice with 87 million hashtags! Well, with all of the beautiful people in the South of France, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that they like Instagramming their pics!

No 3 #Nice

You need to head North for the runner-up, yes it’s the romance capital of the world, Paris, with 101 million hashtags.

No 2 #Paris

And the winner is, by a huge margin, with over 118m hashtags, London! With its incredible cultural history, palaces, galleries, restaurants, bustling shopping areas, parks and the River Thames, the UK’s capital city is far and away the most instagrammed destination in the world!

No 1 #London

So what you may be thinking! According to Wego, Instagrammability (is that really a word?) is a crucial factor for millennials in deciding where to go on their holidays, with 41% of under 33 year olds prioritising it when choosing a holiday destination.

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By Pro Travel Advisors
18th December 2019