21st October 2020
By Pro Travel Advisors

Trying to decide? It’s simply a matter of opinion!

When did you last buy a product from Amazon that didn’t have a 4 or 5 Star review? Or try a new restaurant that had negative reviews on Trip Advisor? Or buy from an eBay seller with a 65% approval rating?

My bet is the answer to all of those questions is “never!”

One of the great things that the internet has done for us is make it very easy to get other people’s opinions…. and we like to get other people’s opinions! They are a great support to help us make a decision. If it turns out the decision was good, we can pat ourselves on the back, and if it turns out badly, well, it’s hardly our fault if 98% of those who expressed an opinion agreed with us!

But the problem is, who are these people whose opinions we follow? Are they like us? Would we like the same things? Can we trust them? Are they being paid to endorse? How qualified are they to influence our choices?

If we know them and trust them, share similar tastes, then a recommendation is very welcome. But think about some of the opinionated people you know and ask yourself if you would want to follow their guidance.

It’s a dilemma isn’t it? And it’s one of the reasons that when we created Professional Travel Advisors.

We decided that the only opinions that we would include on the website would be those of Independent Travel Agents. Why? Well, the clue is in the name, well names actually! Our advisors are travel industry professionals.

They have extensive experience and have the benefit of being able to compare and contrast hotels, destinations, excursions, restaurants and so on, all around the world. They know where standards are improving and where they are declining, and they understand that standards are not the same everywhere. Their opinions are considered, well-judged, proportionate and valuable.

Secondly, they are independent, which means that whether something is great or terrible, they will give you an honest evaluation. They are completely unbiased as there is no incentive for them to promote anything in particular or to favour one option over another. You might think that would be true of all travel companies, but it is not.

If you asked an Audi salesman whether their car was a better choice than a BMW or Mercedes, they would say yes. What would the BMW or Mercedes salesman say?

It is just the same with most of the travel industry. Travel companies want to sell to you from their own portfolio, but Independent Travel Agents are the exception. They have no restrictions as they can select from all portfolios, so all that matters to them is that you get the travel experience that is right for you so that you’ll be happy and book with them again!

Of course, not all Professional Travel Advisors are expert in all areas of the World, which is why we guide you to advisors who are specialist in the area (intended destination or type of travel) that you are looking for. You can look at some of their views and reviews, photos and videos and if they seem to match what you are looking for, you can contact them directly and discuss your specific requirements.

Our purpose is simply to make the connections that deliver exceptional travel experiences for you. Check out our website at www.protraveladvisors.com to you’ll see how easy it can be – and that is an opinion you can trust!

By Pro Travel Advisors
21st October 2020