8th April 2021
By Karen Simmonds

Travel Matters vision for a 3rd decade

As Travel Matters came to the end of 2020 and continued to operate into our third decade, I looked at our vision and mission with a sense of renewed purpose. At the beginning of the year, I signed a declaration “Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency.” This commitment remains as true today as it did in January 2020, despite this challenging year of global pandemic.

The Vision

We curate and sell bespoke holidays and experiences around the world. We have a responsibility to create memorable travel experiences in a world where local communities and our planet can co- exist and flourish. We are dedicated to show how travel, when done right, can impact the world in a positive manner and can break down barriers. We aim to help protect the destinations we send travellers to and endeavour to engage our clients, industry wide connections and employees through our Make Travel Matter campaign.

Travel Matters acknowledges that climate change is real and there is a climate emergency. We recognise we have to act now to address this crisis in our third decade of trading. We pledge to work with our suppliers by collaborating to help build a new, regenerative tourism industry that engages our clients.

hanging+chair in Ubud Bali | responsible tourism | sustainable travel | make travel matter

The Mission

We are dedicated to show how travel, when done right, can impact the world in a positive manner using tourism as a force for good. We are passionate about travelling and aim to share how we care for our planet and people through our work.

How we operate a travel company & address our carbon footprint + reduction in the work place:
We use Ecotricity as our energy provider using 100% renewable energy.
Use energy efficient light bulbs and turn off electrical devices when not in use.

Minimise our water use.
We recycle.
We use our own re useable bottles.
We cycle and walk to work or take public transport.

We put a reminder in our email signatures.
Use FSC-certified or recycled paper in the office and replace direct marketing with e-marketing.
Use the Ecosia Web Browser.

We facilitate team meetings and external meetings via conference call at every possible opportunity to reduce the need for physical travel.

We operate a remote working policy where possible.

bicycle lane| responsible tourism | sustainable travel | make travel matter

With our partners:

Develop our partnership with Jump, engaging travel companies to embrace sustainability.

Continue supporting the Travel Foundation, as part of their role in the Future for Tourism Coalition.

Plant trees for every holiday booked through our partnership with Trees for Cities.

Support Climate Perks, the scheme for employers who grant additional days to staff to enable them to travel on holiday overland, without ‘losing’ leave days for the travel time.

We encourage the offsetting of carbon emissions for flights through Flightnook, who have an online emissions calculator.

We choose carefully our specialist suppliers and partners, some as AITO members who share the values that we do and pledge to protect the environment, respect local cultures, traditions, religions and built heritage, benefit local communities – both economically and socially, conserve natural resources from office to destination and minimise pollution through noise, waste disposal and congestion.

We favour partnering with community-owned/managed lodges or hotels, where our clients can have a meaningful impact on the local community.

old+Bagan Maynmar| responsible tourism | sustainable travel | make travel matter | local women in Myanmar

In our client’s journey and holiday planning experience:

We encourage clients to use the train to reach destinations instead of flying as well as booking car hire or trains to travel between destinations.

We provide information about which airlines and routes are most efficient.

We encourage travellers by advocating the pack for a purpose initiative – taking small essentials that help the local communities they visit.

We believe cultural immersion and experiencing a new way of life transforms the guest.

We provide tips and ideas of how to support programmes and organisations that are working to protect the welfare, culture and environment within the destinations.

We encourage the support of the local communities by buying local, eating local food and drinking local brands as well as supporting local traditional artisans for their locally made products. We want to help keep traditional crafts alive, while also supporting small, independent business owners and artists.

Our Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency Plan

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As Travel Matters heads into its 3rd decade and develops as a company, we aim to keep sustainability and responsible tourism at the heart of our business model. We have a responsibility to promote sustainable travel where possible and help protect the destinations, landscapes and habitats our customers love to visit.

Through our communications on social media, blogs, interviews and our conversations with our clients, our Make Travel Matter campaign raises awareness of how tourism can and should have a positive impact, as well as highlighting the negative impact of the climate crisis. We promote ideas around conservation & regeneration as well as helping travellers consider how to give back in meaningful ways, ensuring local communities, destinations and the environment benefit.

We aim to encourage clients and partners to take measures to monitor and reduce carbon through the development of our Jump partnership; an engagement programme that boosts sustainability and wellbeing.

We continue to explore partnerships which complement and align with our values and offer services which support Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency. We agree with the principles of the Future for Tourism Coalition.

We will continue to advocate for system change in travel, particularly in aviation as we learn more about carbon levy proposals for frequent flyer programmes as we aim to create a low carbon future.

We commit to reviewing, monitoring and reducing our own carbon impacts, both personally and professionally. Our partnership with Trees for Cities will continue as we pledge to have a tree planted on each holiday sold.

We are committed to collaborate with the Tourism Declares community, through learning and sharing better practice collectively.


By Karen Simmonds

Travel Matters Ltd

Travel Matters’ passion for excellence has always been at the core of our business. We reassure you that every journey will be harmonious and worry-free, empowering you to explore, be inspired and truly come to know and enjoy your destination.

8th April 2021