20th August 2020
By Pro Travel Advisors

What is the difference between a Travel Agent and a Tour Operator?

You are unique, and when you travel you want unique experiences – you don’t want to settle for a standard package, so who do you get to help?

You might consider a Tour Operator – but what is a Tour Operator?

A Tour Operator is simply the company that puts together the various components to form your holiday or trip. Some cover a vast number of destinations and some may specialise in certain geographic areas, but a Tour Operator is only able to offer you choices from their own established programme.

As a member of the public you would have no idea if the particular Tour Operator you have contacted is able to provide you with the best combination of value for money and content for your specific requirements.

They will claim to be real experts and the best in their particular field.  If you Google “Peru travel experts” it will throw up 10-12 Tour Operators that cover Peru, on top of the sponsored listings, so how would you know where to start?

Which of these are real experts? Which is going to best understand your specific requirements? Which has access to the type of accommodation you prefer? Which has the most reliable people on the ground at your destination? Which is the best option given your budget? And so on! It is a mine field so vast that it may actually put you off going altogether!

An Independent Travel Agent (ITA) will be able to deal with literally hundreds of Tour Operators and will have relationships with a significant number of them established over the course of many years.

Of all the options out there, a good ITA will know instantly which one is the best fit for you based on your criteria for the trip. They will even probably know not only the best Tour Operator for you, but the best person within that organisation to talk to about your particular requirements.

So another layer of cost, right? Wrong! It is no more expensive to deal through a Travel Agent than to go directly to a Tour Operator because Tour Operators need the business that Travel Agents bring them, so they always agree that they will not sell the same arrangements directly to a member of the public for less than they would to a Travel Agent.

Professional opinion is that the more complex your itinerary, the more likely it is that using the services of an Independent Travel Agent will actually save you time and money, by steering you towards the right people in the first place and preventing you from making a lot of costly mistakes along the way.

Professional Travel Advisors adds another layer of benefit to this, again at no additional cost to the public.

Let’s return to the Peru example. Imagine that as a member of the public, you could actually connect not just with any Independent Travel Agent, but with one who has specific expertise in Peru. One who has been there, checked out the hotels and restaurants, experienced the excursions and understood the culture. One who could place your business with a Tour Operator who is a real expert in the destination, and more than that, with an individual within the organisation that he has used successfully countless times for similar requests!

This is the optimum method for ensuring your trip is the very best it can be and that, is precisely what the Professional Travel Advisors website offers.

ProTravelAdvisors.com brings together discerning travellers and many of the UK’s leading Independent Travel Agents, to create bespoke travel plans to suit every requirement and budget.

By Pro Travel Advisors
20th August 2020