A massively overpacked suitcase
20th December 2019
By Pro Travel Advisors

Top travel tips for packing like a pro!

Do you ever get that sinking feeling when you’re packing, knowing there’s no way you’ll be able to lift your bags, let alone carry them through the airport! The zips and locks are about to burst but you’re only taking the bare essentials! OK – time from some tips to take the strain out of packing!

You’re taking too much!

Seriously – are you really going to wear two outfits every day? All those trousers? 4 pairs of shorts? And don’t start me on the shoes! Take 25% out of the case and put it back in the cupboard! There will be a way to wash clothes at your destination if you’re desperate, and you’ll almost certainly see something you want to buy when you’re there. Which leads on to…

Leave some space in your case

You need to be thinking ahead to the trip home. Unless you’re planning on leaving what you take out, you are going to need some space to fit in the souvenirs, the presents for the family and the dog-sitter and the duty free. Use the space well, pack small items inside larger ones and carry light stuff in your hand luggage.

Plan your outfits

With a bit of careful planning and accessorising, you should be able to mix and match your outfits without looking like you lost a case en route! Coordinating colours will reduce the number of items you need to take, and some fancy flip flops, beads, belts and scarves will give a fresh look to a previously worn outfit.

Use a vacuum pack

Pack all your stuff in those nice, protective plastic bags (don’t worry, they’re not single use, they’re good plastic) and extract all the air. Bingo, you’ve reduced the space needed by a half and protected your gear from split shampoo or sun lotion containers. But beware! You’ve saved on space but not weight, so don’t go thinking you can put all those spare outfits back in or you’ll come a cropper at check-in.

Don’t travel light!

Seriously, don’t fly in your shorts, vest and flip flops whilst packing your jeans, fleece and ankle boots. Wear the heavy stuff and save space and weight in your suitcase.

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By Pro Travel Advisors
20th December 2019