A map showing the location of the 20 most popular city destinations in 2019
6th January 2020
By Pro Travel Advisors

The 20 most popular cities in the world by visitor numbers

The Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index 2019, released this week, ranks 200 cities based on how many international overnight visitors they’re set to receive this year.

We all love a good list, so make your predictions and then read on – here are the results of the 20 most popular cities, in time honoured fashion, in reverse order!

20: Hong Kong – 8.23m
19: Bali – 8.26m
18: Palma de Mallorca – 8.96m
17: Barcelona – 9.09m
16: Milan – 9.10m
15: Pattaya – 9.44m
14: Phuket – 9.89m
13: Makkah – 10.0m
12: Osaka – 10.14m
11: Seoul – 11.25m

Seoul in South Korea
Seoul came 11th in this year’s survey

I feel we should have a bit of a music stab at this point in the style of Top of the Pops, as we head into this year’s Top 10 most popular destination cities…

10: Antalya – 12.41m
09: Tokyo – 12.93m
08: Istanbul – 13.4m
07: New York – 13.6m
06: Kuala Lumpur – 13.79m
05: Singapore – 14.67m
04: Dubai – 15.95m
03: London – 19.09m
02: Paris – 19.10 m

and number one, the most visited city in the world in 2019 is…

01: Bangkok – 22.78m visitors

It’s the 4th year in a row that Bangkok has held the top spot, so congratulations to them!

A woman dancing in classical Thai dress
A woman dancing in classical Thai dress

Regionally, Asia leads the way with 10 cities in the Top 20, Europe has 7, there are two in the Middle East and just one in the Americas.

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By Pro Travel Advisors
6th January 2020