Tony Sheldon Travel

23rd October 2019

Holland – Rotterdam was an unexpected surprise!

Rotterdam is a fascinating city to visit.

I must admit that when planning our itinerary, it would not have been anywhere near the top of our list, but we ended up there as a destination on a cruise when the route was changed due to the weather.

We were very pleasantly surprised – we found some interesting buildings, markets and, by the water, a nice place to walk and explore.

MS Rotterdam

We visited the MS Rotterdam which was once Holland America’s flag ship, and which now operates as a hotel and museum. The museum is partly staffed by volunteers, many of whom are ex-employees who are happy to talk about their experiences onboard. If you prefer you can take a self-guided tour, exploring at your own pace and transporting yourself back to a bygone age of travel.

If you enjoy visiting the MS Rotterdam, you’ll probably like the transport museum which is also very good.

The market hall in the centre of town is well worth a visit and there are lots of shopping options.

By Mark Pollard
23rd October 2019