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29th October 2019

Morocco – the sun always shines in Marrakech

I travelled with my family to Marrakech for a four night sunshine break. The greeting from the friendly airport staff, including the cleaners, made us feels very welcome, our bags arrived quickly and the driver was waiting.

After 10 minutes in the car we arrived at the hotel, which was so beautiful, clean and spacious. The staff spoke perfect English and helped all our needs. Our first vision was the amazing large pool in the shape of a crescent with beds immersed in the water and with easy slopes to access it. 

The following day we hired a guide who took us around four Temples, a market and the amazing gardens of Yves Saint Laurent and the president’s house where his four legal wives lived!

All the floors were of colourful tiles, and the wooden ceilings carved out in very intricate detail. Our visit to the market and souks was fascinating and colourful. We had a talk about how they make Argon oil and all the herbs and their qualities. We would never need a Doctor again! 

We visited a carpet weaver where we saw beautiful rugs in all sizes. We sampled the traditional Moroccan Tagine with fresh bread, listening to the calls from the Mosque whilst watching the sun go down over the Temples, absolutely stunning. We strolled through parks with Mosques and all the beauty of flowers and shrubs. As we walked around the market amongst the sellers, the snake charmers and the Henna stall, the sun shone all the time with clear blue skies. 

On the way back to the hotel we noticed many lovely hotels and restaurants all along the way, including the Buddha Bar, a fantastic bar and night club. All the restaurants had shades protecting you from sunlight and water sprays for cooling you. The selection of non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails was mouth-watering. 

It’s a vibrant, exciting and eye-opening place to visit, and the sun always shines in Marrakech! 

By Sue Manuel
29th October 2019