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13th February 2020

Italy – Ischia, the best place you’ve never heard of!

The beautiful island of Ischia  – not heard of it?

It is the larger neighbouring island to Capri (which normally gets all the fame).

It is very easy to get to Ischia – you take the ferry or hydrofoil from Naples – great regular service.

We were met by our representative in Naples and they arranged for our luggage to get on and off the ferry making it very easy; we just had to watch the view of the stunning islands and looking back at Naples and Sorrento.

I had four magical days in Ischia. On arrival in to the port – it is sooo pretty not many people, colourful buildings and the food was incredible. Worth noting Ischia was a lot less expensive than elsewhere on the Amalfi coast with options to suit all tastes.

Ischia is a volcanic island known for its thermal, mineral rich waters and is famous for its Thermal Water Spas. All the hotel swimming pools are thermally heated!

There are 6 different towns in Ischia all very picturesque and there is a great bus service to take you around the island so you can explore.

The beaches are small Italian beaches with sunbeds to hire but the views from each are varied and stunning.

We stayed in a wonderful hotel in Ischia Ponte and I would get up early each morning and walk along the coast to the stunning Aragonese Castle – fascinated by this Ischian town waking up ready for the day.

The food was incredible and nearly all locally grown produce – I have never had tomatoes like it!

If you get the opportunity the local Ice Cream was of course delicious and we discovered Sfogliatelle – a clam shape pastry filled with an orange cream patisserie.

This destination is well worth staying for a real Italian relaxing holiday or for a few days Spa Retreat – Bella!

By Telina Lawrence
13th February 2020