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29th October 2019

Cruises – Crystal Cruises are clearly excellent!

 In early November I was invited to experience a trip on Crystal Cruises. I have always thought that these cruises would not be suitable for our clients and have shied away from ever thinking about booking these. How wrong I was! 

Crystal Cruises are a Japanese Luxury Cruise Line notable for its two medium sized high end ships. We boarded in Rome and I was immediately impressed by the courteous smiling staff who greeted and escorted me (as they do all passengers) to the check in area, all the while passing pleasant exchanges. Every member of staff takes on this role for embarkation – a really nice touch.

On board I was really impressed by the space, the sight of the sun deck all decked out with pristine white loungers, lovely sun chairs for sitting and relaxing whilst being served with complimentary drinks, champagne included. Our balcony suite was great with lots of space; again we were introduced to our Portuguese maid who stocked our mini bar, brought a lovely selection of our chosen fruits and was so caring towards us throughout the whole trip. 

There are up to five dining options, one of which is a fantastic Sushi and Asian restaurant by famed Nobu, and the Italian restaurant Prego was as good as any Tuscan restaurant I have ever dined in. I found myself becoming so relaxed and enjoying the whole experience from day one; breakfast on the veranda, then strolling up to the Sun Deck, reading a book all the while being served with complimentary drinks. There was the option of a yoga or pilates class. A healthy walk or jog can be made around the whole ship – Crystal is the only cruise line where this is possible. 

The afternoon tea was sheer delight, especially the Mozart themed tea. I felt I had stepped back to a time I would love to have savoured – very ‘Downton Abbey’. The evenings were so eventful with some really class acts in the theatre. One could take a stroll around the sun deck or sit by the pianist and listen to some lovely music with a favourite drink in the hand, complimentary of course! 

You may have noticed that I have completely forgotten to mention the ports of call, as they really became unimportant, and whilst we may have ventured ashore, all we could do is to think of getting back to the peace and calm of our ship, where we were waited on hand and foot. 

I can really recommend this 6-Star cruising to all of you. Do give me a ring (01737 362 626) if you would like more information on how we can create the perfect cruise itinerary for you.

This review was written by Simonetta Nutt, co-partner at Symphony Kingswood

By Sue Manuel
29th October 2019