4th August 2020
By Pro Travel Advisors

Join our campaign and #UniteOnPurpose

Professional Travel Advisors was delighted to be one of 144 companies from the UK and Australia that came together to launch the Unite on Purpose campaign on 30th July 2020.

The businesses represent many different industry sectors including Travel and Tourism, Health and Wellbeing, Engineering, Accountancy, Legal, Retail, Marketing and Communications.

Co Founder and CMO of Professional Travel Advisors, David Langdown explains; “Together we collaborated with brand gurus Linzi Boyd and Sarah Skeats of the Business of Brand, to create an awareness campaign to spread the message that 21st century business need to operate differently in order to engage with a new audience.”

The campaign had two key messages – unity and purpose.

Unity because by coming together and uniting can impact change in the world. And purpose, because now more than ever, employers, employees and consumers are driven by personal and corporate purpose before profit.

The campaign launched at 9am UK time on 30th July and by 9.30, the campaign hashtags, #UniteOnPurpose and #JoinTheQuietRevolution were both trending in the top 10 Twitter hashtags, staying there for several hours.

Why The Quiet Revolution? All around us businesses and communities have been coming together to support each other. Cut throat competition is being replaced by compassion and collaboration. Businesses are distancing themselves from traditional sales-based marketing and instead are communicating their purpose and values, creating engagement and loyalty.

David Langdown continues, “It feels like a lot of people haven’t noticed, but there is a quiet revolution happening. It’s a bit like one of those parties, everyone is hiding behind the sofa waiting to leap out and shout “Surprise!!!” We want everyone to join the party, join the quiet revolution and unite, on purpose, through their purpose.”

As part of the campaign, 100 free places on a BOB (Business of Brand) course to discover and communicate purpose were being offered. This reflects the ethos of the campaign, to give, share, pay forward opportunities rather than selling.

In the travel sector, the campaign was picked up by Travel Weekly and Travel Bulletin, who quoted Professional Travel Advisors CMO, David Langdown. “The BoB school L&D Recovery program has been invaluable during the lockdown. It has ensured that our focus remains firmly fixed on the future, while making sense of the turmoil of the present. The development path, built upon economic realism and creative flair has refined our strategy and purpose of creating connections that deliver exceptional travel experiences,”

By Pro Travel Advisors
4th August 2020