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21st May 2020

Don’t just look forward – look up!

Sadly, Covid-19 has put a stop to virtually all of our travel plans for a while, so all we can do is look forward to the time when ...

Nurturing the Earth's resources
20th January 2020

5 Ways to Be a More Sustainable Traveller

Planning a holiday has never been easier. But what does that mean for local communities, wildlife and the environment? Being a ...

3rd December 2019

What is the difference between a Travel Agent and a Tour Operator?

You are unique, and when you travel you want unique experiences - you don't want to settle for a standard package, so who do you get...

The picture asks, what in the world is Professional Travel Advisors?
29th November 2019

7 Reasons you should always book with a Travel Agent

Many people do not understand the role of the Travel Agent. They think they will save money and get a better experience by arranging...

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